The Health And Safety Of Pilgrims Returning To Saudi Arabia Are a Top Priority

The Health And Safety Of Pilgrims Returning To Saudi Arabia Are a Top Priority

The Health And Safety Of Pilgrims Returning To Saudi Arabia Are a Top Priority

After two years of strict limits on the number of pilgrims
precautions have been
eased in Saudi Arabia to stop
the spread of COVID-19 and the Ministry of
Hajj and Umrah has increased Hajj capacity.
This year one million people from all over the world will visit the Kingdom.

Their health and safety are still a top priority
and the Ministry of Health has been working to prepare 25 hospitals
156 other health facilities 180 ambulances and 5,000 more beds for patients in Makkah
Madinah and other holy sites.

This month Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel met with the directors
of Hajj healthcare clusters as he toured health facilities in Arafat
Mina and Muzdalifah to see what was being done to get ready for the Hajj.

Al-Jalajel went to a number of places in Arafat with
Dr. Hatem Al-Omarithe CEO of Makkah Health Cluster.
These places included the Arafat General Hospital
the Arafat Health Center the East Arafat
Hospital the Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital
and the Namira General Hospital.

The Mina

He also went to 17 places in Mina
such as the Mina Al-Jaser Hospital the
Mina Al-Wadi Hospital the Mina Emergency Hospital
and the Mina New Street Hospital.
He also went to the King Abdullah Medical City
in Makkah to see the health care departments there.

During the inspections on June 20
Al-Omari said that the facilities have the most up-to-date
medical equipment and their protocols make sure that
emergency patients can be moved quickly and effectively
to central facilities like Al-Haram Hospital and Ajyad Hospital.

He also said that all of the health care facilities and hospitals
in Makkah work together well to handle any kind of situation that might come up.

Al-Omari said that the Makkah Healthcare Cluster
is directly overseen by the Ministry of Health
and is committed to using all of the government’s resources
and skills to provide the best health services and keep pilgrims safe.

Makkah Health Cluster put on a 12-day intensive training
program for 300 male and female health workers at hospitals
and other medical facilities called Skills for Dealing
with Guests of the Most Merciful on the Front Lines.
This was done to help reach full operational capacity
and make the Hajj season a success.

Its goal is to teach them how to help pilgrims
answer their questions
and help them in other ways
such as through sign language and other easy-to-use ways to talk.
on the ground during Hajj so they can provide high-quality services for everyone.
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