Saudi Government Fires Top Hajj Officials

Saudi Government Fires Top Hajj Officials

Hajj Officials(Source By Pixabay)

RIYADH: The Saudi ministry responsible for
Hajj announced the dismissal
of the chief executive and a senior official of “one of the Hajj companies”
providing services for this year’s pilgrimage. Saudi Government Fires

According to the Saudi Press Agency,
the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah cited the failure to
provide adequate services to pilgrims as the reason for the removal.

The ministry stated that the decision was made in
coordination with the company’s board and based on the
observations of ministry field teams.

Additionally, the statement indicated that the two officials were” referred for investigation.”

The Hajj a central tenet of Islam, will commence on Thursday with one million
pilgrims from around the world.
The ministry reiterated that during
the Hajj season it closely monitors
the quality of all services provided by all agencies and companies.

As part of its efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of pilgrims,
it “monitors all violations and addresses them immediately,”
according to the statement.

The ministry emphasized that it will not permit and will not
tolerate any deficiency in service to pilgrims.

It concluded, “The ministry’s inspection and field teams conduct
continuous tours to assess and follow up on the quality
of services provided to pilgrims and deal with all submitted reports,
in an effort to improve the quality of services
provided to pilgrims and ensure their safety.

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