Saudi Arabian Taxi Drivers Must Now Wear Uniforms

Saudi Arabian Taxi Drivers Must Now Wear Uniforms

Saudi Arabian Taxi Drivers Must Now Wear Uniforms

Saudi Arabian for men, a national dress or a long-sleeved grey shirt, black pants,

A black belt with an also abaya or top and slacks with a jacket or coat is acceptable for women.

RIYADH: On July 12, new regulations from Saudi Arabia’s Transport

General Authority that mandated cab drivers wear authorized uniforms went into effect.

Male and female drivers of all kinds of taxis and ride-hailing services, including private-hire vehicles,

are additionally governed by the judgment, which became known in May.

Anyone who disobeys them will face the consequences, the authorities warned.

Men must dress in national attire or in a long-sleeved grey shirt, black pants, and a black belt.

Whenever necessary, jackets can be worn.

Women can dress in an abaya or a blouse and pants with a coat or jacket.

Additionally, all drivers must have ID cards.

The TGA stated that the decision to impose requirements for drivers’ attire

is part of its also ongoing process of reviewing and updating regulations governing the industry

and is intended to support the authority’s development efforts, and improve the general quality of

transportation services, enhance drivers’ overall appearance, and comply with public decency laws.

The authority requested passengers to report violating drivers to

the TGA or file a complaint if they become aware of them.

The authority also advised all drivers to review its also website

for complete details about permitted uniform options.


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