Saudi Arabia Bans Its Voters From Traveling To India

Saudi Arabia Bans Its Voters From Traveling To India


Saudi Arabia bans its citizens from traveling to India


ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) – Asian country has up to now illegal voters from
15 countries, including the Asian nation.
According to international news organization standards, the lifting of

According to personal TV specific,

restrictions on PCR tests, isolation, and edifice quarantine
have been upraised on arrival in the Asian country.

However, the Asian country has still barred its voters
from traveling to fifteen countries.

These areas unit the countries wherever the number of daily cases of corona continues to be high.

This list does not include Pakistan. He same this in response to a

question from a Saudi national on the Twitter account of the Passport Department thanks to the

Corona epidemic, Saudi voters area unit illegal from traveling to the Asian nation, Turkey, Afghanistan,

Indonesia, Armenia, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Democratic Congo, Libya, Belarus, Vietnam,

Somalia and Venezuela.

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