PTI Protests Ahead Of White House

PTI Protests Ahead Of White House


PTI protests in front of White House


Washington – Christiania (Monitoring Desk) Asian nation Tehreek-e-Insaf

(PTI) can hold an illustration ahead of the White House these days.

According to details, a banner has been shared by a journalist

Murtaza Ali Shah of Iran during which it’s written that Asian nation Tehreek-e-Insaf

(PTI) employees can demonstrate ahead of the White House at one pm

today to specific commonality with Imran Khan. Clear directions within the

banner nobody ought to shout North American country slogans. Peace be upon the

protest when the participants can disperse peacefully.

On the opposite hand, a peaceful protest was organized by

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Kingdom of Norway outside the

{pakistan|Pakistan| the Islamic Republic of Asian nation|West Pakistan
Asian country|Asian nation} Embassy

Norway expressed commonality with Imran Khan. throughout the quick,

thousands of individuals took half in peaceful protests during which political,

social, and spiritual leaders together with ladies, men, and kids were conjointly gifted.

The atmosphere in Christiania resounded with slogans of Imran Khan Zinda unhealthy.

Bashir, Shahid Jameel, Chaudhry Tanveer, Miss Samina, and alternative leaders

addressed the gathering. Nasir Akbar within the daily Jang consistent with the

published news, the President of PTI Kingdom of Norway Chaudhry Mudassar Ali,

Imran Bashir, Shahid Jameel, Shehzad swayer, Umair Hassan Maj.

The same that no alternative country within the world is witnessing
the maximum amount
of lawlessness because it is going on in the Asian nation.

even though you move to the continent, the courts don’t open at
midnight on every day off, what kind

of {pakistan|Pakistan| the Islamic Republic of Asian nation|West Pakistan
|Asian country|Asian nation}

is that this associated wherever is it taking a freelance Pakistan

said, Chaudhry Mudassir Ali.

Overseas Pakistanis won’t invest in Pakistan and no overseas {pakistan|Pakistan|
the Islamic Republic of Asian nation |West Pakistan
|Asian country
Asian nation} I would like to travel to Pakistan.

The same that we tend to invest most in the Asian nation as a result of we tend to contemplate

Pakistan as our country and that we square measure a region of {pakistan|Pakistan|

Islamic Republic of Asian nation|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation}.

If this right is detached from the US then our kids won’t think about

coming to the Asian nations in the future. only there’s law in the Asian nation can associate

ordinary Pakistani believe government and law. I’m appreciative to all or any

of the overseas Pakistanis WHO joined the peaceful protest against him and

they proved that Imran Khan is each Pakistani WHO loves Imran Khan.

Haji Afzal Chaudhry,

same that our leader had foreseen fifteen years past

that once a malefactor is caught, all the thieves are going to be gathered and these days

all the thieves have gathered. Our leader didn’t say why he took Maine

out however he told “Who can save Asian nation, Imran Khan Imran Khan?”

Said Imran Bashir, a senior official of PTI Kingdom of Norway.

square measure concerned within the protest.

To say that what went on to Imran Khan and also the PTI government

are a total injustice and our accountable establishments ought to assume that they

should come back the injustice they need done and hold elections in the Asian nation

as shortly as doable.

Miss Samina same that Imran Khan persevered,

we square measure with you. Shehzad swayer is the same that
no party in the Kingdom of Norway
could pile up numerous individuals in such a brief time.

The same that we have returned for Imran Khan and the Asian nation and
once our leader calls
us we are going to return to his decision.

Umair Hassan same that he was stunned to see the passion of the individuals,
I simply came from an Asian nation
a few days passed and I desire I’m
attending Imran Khan’s Asian nation meeting,

Umair Hassan same that we tend Quaid-e-Imran Khan is going to be brought back.

Major Nadeem Dar same that my message is to support Imran Khan,

for your freedom and way forward for your kids and the blood

of your martyrs, I raise you to support Imran Khan as a result of when

Quaid-e-Azam If we’ve got a pacesetter, it’s Imran Khan.



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