Prophet Shoaib’s Maqam (as)

Prophet Shoaib’s Maqam (as)


The Prophet Shoaib’s maqam (shrine) is located here.

He was sent to the people of Madyan a community of merchants who

controlled the main trade routes between Yemen and Syria as well as between Iraq

and Egypt on the Red Sea’s beaches, as Prophet Musa’s father-in-law.

Shoaib (as) also known as Jethro in the Bible, is mentioned 11 times in the Holy Quran.

The inhabitants of Madyan were formerly devout followers of Ebrahim (as) but

had gradually fallen into disobedience and sin throughout the years.

They were especially active in the following projects:

Polytheist traditions and idol worship

Falsehood in all affairs and robbing people.

In Surah Al-A’raf of the Holy Quran, Allah says, And to Madyan

(We sent) their brother Shoaib. ‘My people, serve God: you have no god

but Him,’ he said. Your Lord has sent you a clear sign.

Give full measure and weight to people’s goods do not cause corruption in

the land after it has been set in order: this is better for you if you are believers.” [7:85]

Shoaib (as ) was enraged when he saw his people commit atrocities.

He advised them to ask Allah for forgiveness. Unfortunately,

they did not listen and were destroyed by an earthquake.

Shoaib (as) was known for his oratory skills and eloquence.

When the Prophet mentioned him, he said, “he was the

orator of the Prophets,” according to Ibn Abbas.

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