The Prime Minister’s House Is Unable To Confirm Who The First lady Will Be

The Prime Minister’s House Is Unable To
Confirm Who The First lady Will Be


The Prime Minister's House Is Unable To Confirm Who The First lady Will Be


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has started

his engagements within the Prime Minister’s House in Islamabad

but the Prime Minister’s home is unable to substantiate United
Nations agency is that the
first girl in the country at the moment.

British Broadcasting Corporation, once Shahbaz Sharif was

elected Prime Minister of Asian nation, his son Hamza Shahbaz Sharif

and kinsman Maryam Nawaz was a gift however his married woman wasn’t seen

and even that day the subject was being mentioned in the press

gallery on United Nations agency can get the title of 1st girl or 1st girl currently.

The same state of affairs came up within the Prime Minister‘s House that

Time is Shahbaz Sharif’s abode and therefore the employees of each Protocol and

PSO offices darned one another and aforesaid we do not
recognize however United Nations agency the

the first girl is. He aforesaid that for the primary girl. there’s a separate team

that provides them with protocol and security and accompanies them

whenever they are going. He aforesaid that the employees includes each men and girls

Who are gift within the Prime Minister’s House on day to day.

Shahbaz Sharif’s 1st married woman is Nusrat Shahbaz United Nations agency has 3 youngsters including Hamza Shahbaz. he’s conjointly the primary full cousin of Shahbaz Sharif.

Nusrat Shahbaz has ne’er been seen active at the political and social level nor has he been seen at any public operate. Yes, of course, the value of their assets is being created public at the general public level by the

Election Commission only Shahbaz Sharif declares his assets.

He contains a second married woman, Alia, with whom he
contains a female offspring, Khadija,
but they’re currently separated.

Tehmina whose book My master became very fashionable,
Tehmina married Shahbaz Sharif nineteen years past.

After Shahbaz Sharif was electoral Prime Minister, Tehmina Durrani

did not tweet nor was she within the swearing-in ceremony. Tehmina Durrani

said that Shahbaz Sharif is extremely poor. verify everything and do not rest

for a second. I failed to see him for 10 years once he was Chief Minister.

This is not a kingdom. they need got an excellent job. might God facilitate them

to fulfill this job and do one thing for the poor and burdened folks.

They will love on their own, i’ll love on my very own, i’ll stay Tehmina Durrani.


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