Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia’s Great Devotion to Serving Pilgrims

Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia’s Great Devotion to Serving Pilgrims

Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia's Great Devotion to Serving Pilgrims(Source by SPA)

Pilgrims have praised the efforts and services offered by the government
of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the pilgrims of the Sacred Grand Mosque,
the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, and other holy places
to make it easier for them to fulfill their rites.

Sudanese Hajj Hamza Omar Kassab emphasized that the Kingdom has provided
all services and facilities for pilgrims to do their worship in comfort,
confidence, and safety, and he prayed to Allah Almighty for the Kingdom’s
continued security and stability. Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia’s

Hajj Omar Abdel Hamid from Egypt stated that the organization and
good reception he witnessed on his way to perform the Hajj demonstrates and
documents the interest and care accorded by Kingdom’s leadership in two holy mosques.
He prayed that God Almighty would protect the Custodian of the (Saudi)
Two Holy Mosqhajjues King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, HRH Crown Prince,
and the Kingdom’s government.

Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia’s

In turn, Hajj Murtada Salem from Nigeria stated that the Kingdom is making
great efforts by providing all services and facilities and the utmost care and
attention to pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors to the Two Holy Mosques,
highlighting the eagerness of all Saudi officials to provide the
best services possible to their guests. Pilgrims Appreciate Saudi Arabia’s

Haja Amina from Egypt commended the hospitality, ease of organization,
and friendliness of all those working in the service of the pilgrims,
and prayed that God Almighty would bless them for their service.

Hajj Mohammed Suri from Niger was overjoyed that God Almighty
had granted him the opportunity to conduct Hajj and visit Madinah.
He also praised the facilities given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims.

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