Pakistani Officials Issue Muharram Health Rules

Pakistani Officials Issue Muharram Health Rules

Pakistani Officials Issue Muharram Health Rules

ISLAMABAD— Pakistan’s National Institute of Health (NIH) urged the public to take steps
to prevent the spread of a coronavirus on Sunday following the announcement of Muharram,
the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar.
Shia Muslims revere the month of Muharram
because it marks the anniversary of the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussain
on the 10th of the month, 680 CE, in the Battle of Karbala.
Grieving family members and
friends get together at various events throughout the month to pay their respects.

An important message about the Muslim holy month of Muharram was shared on
Twitter by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
“Following SOPs is the only method to avoid being infected by COVID-19.
Put on a mask, stay away from other people, and get vaccinated!”


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been limited, Pakistan’s government believes
the viral respiratory disease will continue to spread unless individuals
take adequate safeguards.
Official statistics show that the country’s
coronavirus positivity rate has risen to 3.29 percent in the last day,
with 661 new COVID-19 cases and 171 patients in critical condition.

As part of Pakistan’s pandemic response plan, the National Command
and Operations Center (NCOC) has issued health guidelines for upcoming
meetings with the National Institutes of Health.
Face masks and a minimum distance of six feet is required.

When it comes to holding Majalis [congregations],
“The venue should be open and spacious with adequate ventilation,
” the NCOC stated in a notification. To preserve social isolation,
participants must wear masks during majalis and processions.
committees should ensure the availability of masks and sanitizers/hand washing
facilities at the entry.”
For the sake of safety, it was recommended that the access and
departure points for Muharram gatherings and processions be strictly controlled. Pakistani Officials Issue Muharram


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