A Pakistani delegation travels to Israel to promote bilateral relations

A Pakistani delegation travels to

Israel to promote bilateral relations

A Pakistani delegation travels to Israel to promote bilateral relations

On a visit sponsored by a pro-Israel organization, Pakistani Americans met

with President Isaac Herzog in Israel. The tour was funded by Sharaka,

a company that connects Israel and Gulf countries. The objective is to strengthen

ties between Israel and Asian countries. Sharaka then tweeted the following:

Aneela Ali, a Pakistani-American inducer, described Pakistanis in the United States.

Various Islamists, as well as Pakistanis such as Ahmed Quraishi, who works for the

state-run PTV, attended the meeting. In the future, civil society leaders

from various countries may be prepared to meet with Israeli delegations

to establish a variety of formal links.

“I am not surprised to see Ahmad Qureshi in Israel, because he not solely work for PTV but

additionally maintains relationships with necessary offices throughout the government,

” Shireen Mazari, Pakistan’s former Human Rights Minister, tweeted in Urdu.

“He has been promoting a pro-Israel agenda while opposing Imran Khan’s freelance

policy for over a year,” Shireen Mazari noted. Shireen Mazari makes it clear that

the current government is distinct from previous ones (Mian Shehbaz Sharif took power

following a contentious vote of no confidence allegedly musical organization by the US).

Shireen Mazari

Shireen Mazari stated unequivocally that the lack of confidence was “obviously

factory-made by the United States.”Imran Khan, the previous prime minister,

has repeatedly claimed that the US was plotting to destabilize his government.

He claims that Israel and the Republic of India rejoiced at his death.

Despite his vows that the Asian nation would not recognize Israel, Khan admitted

in a November 2020 television interview that he had been pressured by many “friendly”

countries to open diplomatic relations with the city. Despite his reluctance to identify

the source of the pressure, whether it comes from Muslim or non-Muslim countries,

some believe he indirectly alluded to Asian countries and thus the United Arab

Emirates(UAE).«For the time being, disregard this [question].

“We have an incredible relationship with them,” Khan says explicitly.

Israel for the assassination of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Nonetheless, Pakistan’s

current Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, has made a statement on the subject.


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