If There Is No Investigation Against Me The Ministers No Case Is Made Then I Will Get Voting Done Imran Khan

If There Is No Investigation Against Me The Ministers

No Case Is Made Then I Will Get Voting Done Imran Khan

If There Is No Investigation Against Me And The Ministers And No Case Is Made Then I Will Get The Voting Done Imran Khan


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) If there is an investigation against me and the ministers

If not and no case is made, I will get the voting done.

This has been claimed in Geo News broadcasts.

According to the report, Prime Minister Imran Khan has made an offer to the opposition

If there is no investigation and no case is made against me and the ministers

So let me vote on no-confidence,

Well known journalist Hamid Mir in a special broadcast of Geo News

Talking, he claimed that Imran Khan has asked for NRO.

He wants the opposition not to sue and guarantee non-arrest.

Well known journalist said that Imran Khan is sitting in Bani Gala and

Cabinet members are in touch with him. Hamid said that the speaker

Opposition leaders had agreed to hold talks with him

They will vote after Iftar but on the speaker

Ministers are pressuring people not to vote after Iftar

The well-known journalist revealed that the effort is being made

Talks with some key opposition figures during this break

Will be done and some government ministers will talk

And the new order that has come to the ministers is to get a guarantee from the important personalities of the opposition

That if the no-confidence motion succeeds and a new government is formed tomorrow

So NAB cases will not be made against Imran Khan and the cabinet

And they will be assured that they will not be arrested.

Well, known journalist, Hamid Mir said that in other words

Imran Khan, They are demanding NRO from the opposition,

said a well-known journalist has spoken to the

opposition person and he says that we are someone like that

Not ready for compromise, the order of the Supreme Court should be followed.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir has claimed that the government and

There have been talks between the opposition on mistrust

Voting is guaranteed at 8 o’clock

In a special transmission regarding the no-confidence motion

Talking, Hamid Mir said that the chamber of the Speaker of the

National Assembly Asad QaiserTalks were held between the

opposition and government leaders

In which it was decided that between the speeches of both parties

No action will be taken and the environment will not be spoiled.

Hamid Mir said that Shah Mehmood had joined JUI-F

Maulana Asad Mahmood was assured that speeches would be allowed

After which a no-confidence vote will be held at 8 o’clock.


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