Muslim British Doctors Navigate Mental Health, Women’s Empowerment

Muslim British Doctors Navigate Mental Health, Women’s Empowerment

British Muslim Doctors Navigate Mental Health, Women Empowerment

The Muslim Doctors Association conducted its first gala and `Eid dinner since the eruption
of COVID-19 at the Hilton London Kensington.
While two of the presenters could not make
it after contracting COVID, the event, held on July 17, was nonetheless a great success as
speakers stepped to the platform to give insights about women’s empowerment and mental health.

Opening the program, Imam Mohammad Asad from Birmingham Central Mosque talked about how
medics during the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) aided the Companions,
similarly to how medics today helped all of us manage the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Ahmed Hankir seized the bull by the horns on stage declaring,
“Mental health-related stigma is pervasive in the Muslim community.
Indeed, Ahmed’s presentation manner and topic matter captured the
audience as it was so refreshing to hear about a subject that is often overlooked,
even suppressed, for fear of exposing weakness.

When Zainab Garba-Sani stepped onto the stage, she remarked,
“I grew up as a Muslim, and I believed we were all meant to be
one ummah, but all of a sudden, when I went to university,
people asked, what sort of Muslim are you? For me,
this was weird as I assumed we were all part of one large family.”

Prophet Muhammad

During the time of the Prophet Muhammad, his ummah included both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Therefore, the topic of identity in the current day is essential for defining sense and belonging.”

Dr. Azza Al-Mossallami discussed how ‘the epidemic has revealed disparities, specifically in
the impact of COVID on Muslim healthcare personnel’
This is one of the topics the MDA has
investigated in an effort to improve the situation for British Muslims (and non-Muslims) who has been
subjected to job discrimination?

Poet Aminah Rahman addressed the stage of mental health stigma, saying,
“As a woman, I march and stride with my head held high, and we women will
not be pushed down or weighed down by anything,
no matter how hard it tries.
Therefore, let us unite and establish an alliance.
We are transforming the future so that we may say “I can” not just for women, but for men as well.

Developing Women

Concerning women’s presence, empowerment, and representation, Dr. Aaliyah Goyal stated,
“Over fifty percent of general practitioners are female,
and we’re thrilled to have a new female
chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners.” She continued,
The fact that the majority of our senior leaders are women is excellent
for our organization because it mirrors our membership.

Nuzhat Ali, a civil servant, formed a local women’s group to
encourage women to get more involved in their communities,
focusing on enhancing health and well-being.

Dr. Zein Toukan stated, in reference to the MDA’s mission,
that the organization is
“committed to addressing the health
of minority populations in the United Kingdom.” A mission aided
by Dr. Hina J. Shahid, chair of the all-female MDA committee,
who oversaw the organization of the evening and thanked attendees for their support.

Overall, the event brought together ladies and men to share and enjoy one other’s company,
beautiful food, a classical guitarist, and motivating talks,
resulting in a wonderful evening that renewed and re-energized many individuals. Muslim British Doctors Navigate


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