In Islam 5 Ways To Become A Good Husband

In Islam 5 Ways To Become A Good Husband

In Islam 5 Ways To Become A Good Husband


Being a good husband is regarded as a privilege.

According to a hadith attributed to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH,

the best among you are those who are the best with their wives.

(Tirmidhi 3895) Tirmidhi (Tirmidhi) Tirmidh

Here are a few pointers that every husband should keep in mind:


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1. Never raise your voice in front of your wife to show disrespect; instead,

try to keep your tone calmer and respect her as she is not your maid or a toy.

2. Do not chastise your wife in public if she has made a mistake.

Try to resolve the issue in private, with a calmer tone this time.

3. If you want to live a happy life, always respect her.

Respect her in order to demonstrate how well your parents raised you.

4. You will be held accountable for how you treated your wife when

you stand before the Lord on judgment day.

So, keep an eye on her, talk to her, ask if she’s having any problems,

and share your concerns with her so she understands your situation.

5. Take care of your wife by feeding her and showing her how much you care about her.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said in Sahih Muslim (1628) that even if you lift a morsel of food

towards your wife’s mouth, you will be rewarded.

Allah SWT also says in the Quran (2:228) that husbands are the maintainers,

protectors, and responsible for spending on their wives.

In Islam 5 Ways To Become A Good Husband


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