In his Arafat Day sermon, Al-Issa Exhorts Muslims To Glorify Allah

In his Arafat Day sermon, Al-Issa Exhorts Muslims To Glorify Allah

In his Arafat Day sermon, Al-Issa Exhorts Muslims To Glorify Allah(Source By haramain)

Arafat Day sermon delivered at Namirah Mosque on Friday
by Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa
the secretary-general of the Muslim World League and
member of the Council of Senior Scholars: Muslims should
praise the Almighty and become ambassadors for
Islam by following its precepts on good behavior he said.

During his speech to the pilgrims and Muslims all over the world,
the imam emphasized the importance of doing good deeds
in order to receive the blessings of Allah in the hereafter.

Al-Issa reminded Muslims that the most important rule
of Islam was to only worship Allah.

“Allah sent down the holy books and sent prophets and
messengers to teach their people, calling them to be
monotheists and worship only Allah. In his sermon,
he said, “All the prophets told their people to worship Allah and no one else.”

Al-Issa, who gave the first Arafat sermon,
talked about how important the five pillars of faith are in Islam.

The pilgrims

When he talked to the pilgrims,
he told them that Allah had given them the chance to
do Hajj this year, and he urged them to follow the advice
of the Prophet Mohammed when they did their rituals.

He also told Muslims to keep doing good things and being kind to everyone,
even people of other faiths.
“Those with good manners are respected by everyone,
whether they are Muslims or not because being polite
is a very important part of being a person,” he said.

He told the faithful to stay away from things that can
cause conflict, hatred, and separation.

“Love and compassion should guide our actions,
and it’s part of our faith that we all stick together,”
he said, adding that cooperation is the best way to keep
the Muslim community together.

This demonstrates that Islam encompasses all of humanity’s
good in its spirit. “The best people, according to our Prophet,
are those who benefit the most people.”

Muslims should take advantage of their time at
holy sites to pray for Allah’s forgiveness and supplication.

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