Due To Hajj 2022, Umrah Will Be Suspended From June 23

Due To Hajj 2022, Umrah Will Be Suspended From June 23

Due To Hajj 2022, Umrah Will Be Suspended From June 23

Starting June 23, or the twenty-fourth of Dhul among the lunar calendar,

the Ministry of the pillar of Islam and Umrah explicit that the

supply of Umrah permits would be quickly suspended.

The suspension of Umrah permit-issuing is going to be extended for up to twenty-six days,

with the issue expected to resume on Gregorian calendar month nineteen,

coinciding with the twentieth of Dhul Hijjah,

simply when the pillar of Islam season ends.

The Ministry discovered the new rule through a message issued on the official Haramain

Sharifain’s Twitter account,


on a weekday,

June nineteen civil time,

in response to commonly asked queries (FAQ) from the potential pillar of Islam pilgrims.

The delay of the Umrah allows issue is a component of the pillar of Islam 2022 preparations,

in keeping with the Ministry.


Furthermore, in keeping with the Saudi Gazette,

this regulation affects the nomination of the pillar of Islam in an

exceedingly town apart from the pilgrims’ town,

wherever pilgrims will communicate with the pillar of Islam company

whose knowledge is out there within the reservation details to agree on

transportation matters that suit the pilgrims’ desires victimization the e-track

of pilgrims from among the dominion or through the Earmarna application.

It was discovered that when the pilgrims had paid their fees and had submitted their

pillar of Islam nomination,

Umrah Will Be Suspended From June 23

Pilgrims would now not be able to update or add a companion to their package,

They might still be able to inquire regarding their package

and make sure or cancel their reservation.

The ministry additionally states that pilgrims will confirm the campaign’s

name by asking queries via the e-track of pilgrims from Asian countries,

in addition, because of the Eatmarna application.

The Ministry explicit that failure to satisfy one among the necessities for the 2020 pillar

of Islam registration might lead to Mahram (male guardian)

refusing to participate in the yearly journey.

Another issue that several potential pilgrims area unit asking this year

is why they need to be appointive for a unique package than the one they chose.

as a result of not, all of the packages that were chosen are accessible,

some pilgrims were appointive via e-draw for the opposite packages that were accessible,

in keeping with the Ministry. 

Pilgrims might settle for or reject the request, in keeping with the govt.


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