Dua Before Wearing New Clothes

Dua Before Wearing New Clothes

Dua Before Wearing New Clothes: “You descendants of Adam Allah Says In the Quran
We sent you clothes to hide your shame,
protect you, and make you look nice.”

Dresses are meant to make people look beautiful and elegant and to protect them from the weather, but their main purpose is to cover the body’s private parts.

You should also make sure that your dress not only protects you from
the weather but also gives you an air of grace, elegance, and culture.

Dua Before Wearing New Clothes

When you put on clothes,
you should remember that Allah only gave clothes to people as a blessing.
All other living things have been kept from it.
Give thanks to Allah for this special blessing and favor.

You should wear a dress that the Shari’ah says believers should wear,
which doesn’t show arrogance or pride and doesn’t make men look
feminine or give women a masculine look.

Put on a new dress to make you happy. When you put on new clothes,
give them a name and thank Allah for his generosity and blessings.

Make sure to put the right side of the dress on first,
whether it’s the right arm in the sleeve or the right foot in the pants and shoes.
Make sure to take off the left boot first when you take off both.

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