Blasphemous Attacks on the Prophet (PBUH) by BJP Members are Condemned by the United States

Blasphemous Attacks on The Prophet (PBUH) by BJP Members are Condemned by The United States

Blasphemous Attacks on the Prophet (PBUH) by BJP Members are Condemned by the United States

The US has demanded that India’s government apologize for remarks made by
BJP members regarding Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Just days before, Nupur Sharma, the spokesperson for India’s ruling BJP,
and its media chief, Naveen Kumar Jindal, had made derogatory remarks
regarding Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Blasphemous Attacks on Prophet (PBUH)

Several Muslim countries, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Jordan,
Libya, Bahrain, and the Maldives criticized the remarks and
boycotted Indian products in the aftermath of the incident. 

In India, police shot and killed two Muslims who were protesting a
BJP spokesperson’s blasphemous remarks, and illegally damaged an activist’s home.

During a press conference on Thursday night, a US State Department Spokesperson
Ned Price criticized the event and called for respect for human rights.

“We firmly condemn this,” he continued, “and it was encouraging to see
the BJP officially denounce the offensive remarks made by two BJP officials.”

The US government regularly raises issues of religious freedom and
human rights, according to Ned Price.

Blasphemous Attacks on Prophet (PBUH)

We engage the Indian government at the highest levels on human rights issues,
including freedom of religion or belief whenever feasible and
we urge India to respect human rights,” he said.

Ned Price indicated in his statement that the secretary remarked that
we share the same values: human dignity, respect, equal opportunity, and
religious or belief freedom. “These are essential democratic values,
and we advocate for them everywhere,” he said.

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