Bangladeshi Hajj Pilgrims Can Now Take The Makkah Route

Bangladeshi Hajj Pilgrims Can

Now Take The Makkah Route

Bangladeshi Hajj Pilgrims (Source By Pixabay)

DHAKA: Officials from Saudi Arabia are helping hundreds of thousands
of Hajj pilgrims get through immigration at Bangladesh’s main international
airport on their way to the Holy Land.

Dhaka’s Shah Jalal International Airport has a meet and greets service to
assist pilgrims traveling to Makkah while also streamlining the documentation
Saudi Arabia is operating its Makkah Route initiative in Bangladesh,
along with Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Morocco.

Hajj pilgrims can now complete all visa, customs, and health
requirements in one place, at the airport of origin, saving them
long hours of waiting before and after arriving in the Kingdom,
where they had already completed the process at home.

It is anticipated that
60,000 Bangladeshi pilgrims will perform
the hajj this year,
according to the most recent estimates.

In an interview with Arab News earlier this week,
the director of the Dhaka Hajj office, Saiful Islam, said,
“It’s a new thing that opened a new horizon and our heartiest
gratitude to the Saudi authorities.”
(Source By Arab News)

Bangladeshi pilgrims

“A total of sixty thousand Bangladeshi pilgrims will be able to
make the journey.”
The number of pilgrims anticipated to
arrive in the Kingdom this year is less than half of the quota
that Bangladesh allotted for the Hajj season in 2019, the final
Hajj season before the coronavirus pandemic.

The annual pilgrimage was restricted to only 1,000 Saudi Arabian
residents in 2020, and 60,000 Saudi residents were the only
people are allowed to participate in the pilgrimage in 2021.

The number of pilgrims expected to visit Saudi Arabia both from other
countries and from within the country is expected
to be one million this year.
This number is significantly lower than the 2.5 million that was
anticipated before the pandemic. Fifty Saudi officials
are on hand at the Dhaka airport to take care of passengers
and speed up the pre-immigration process for those who
are flying out of the country.

One of them, Mohammed Mozammel Huq,

had been fantasizing about
performing Hajj ever since he was a child
and watching his father perform the pilgrimage.
This happened many years ago. The Hajj was the fulfillment of a
the lifelong ambition of mine. The Hajj management system has
exceeded our expectations,” he said, adding that his trip up to
this point had been “very smooth.”

According to Yahia Helal, a businessman, it appears
That pilgrims are pleased with the way in which their departures have been managed.

According to Arab News, he told the publication that
“We have completed the immigration formalities
in a straightforward process.”
The Saudi immigration process can also,
Be completed in a relatively
the short amount of time.

Rokeya Khatun Lata, who is a homemaker,
also remarked on how quickly
the process was
carried out.

“By participating in the Makkah Route initiative,
I was able to complete the immigration procedure in fewer
than thirty minutes,” she said. “Right from the beginning of the trip,
I am experiencing a great deal of joy.”
Bangladeshi Hajj Pilgrims

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