Bags containing ZamZam water are prohibited in Saudi Arabia

Bags containing ZamZam water are prohibited

in Saudi Arabia

Bags containing ZamZam water are prohibited in Saudi Arabia


Checked-in baggage is outlined as bags provided to associate degree
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airline for transit. Passengers are unable to access
it throughout the flight.
Pilgrims usually transport ZamZam bottles
in checked and carry-on bags.
The may seventeen tips need all
Arabian airlines to substantiate that no
customers flying through
Jiddah or the other Arabian field bring bottles containing

ZamZam water. the final Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) issued new

guidelines on a weekday, effectively prohibiting pilgrimage

and Umrah pilgrims from transporting

bottles of ZamZam water heaters in checked baggage to their countries.

Any violation of the GACA circular shall be treated as a separate offense.

in contravention of government directives If you find someone breaking
the circulars, report them.

ZamZam water

They will face severe legal repercussions. the advice applies to any or all

airlines operative at Arabian airports, as well as personal flights, and all airlines
outbound from Arabian airports. The new laws can beyond the question

surprise pilgrims playacting pilgrimage this year, as they’re going to receive
a smaller
portion of ZamZam water to want home once playacting the quality rituals.

Disappointment and discontent grew among the gang in 2014 as a result of the laws limiting pilgrims’ ability to hold 10 bottles or cans of ZamZam water to solely 5 liters.

Aab-e-ZamZam is water from Makkah’s place of worship Al Haram’s ZamZam well,
which Muslims
regard as a miraculously created supply of water with vital non-secular significance. Travelers UN agency perform pilgrimage or Umrah ofttimes
bring giant amounts of it back with them.

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