The Army Won’t Permit Any Plot Against An Asian Country To Succeed ISPR Director-General

The Army Won’t Permit Any Plot Against An Asian

Country To Succeed ISPR Director-General

The army won't permit any plot against an Asian country to succeed ISPR Director-General

“If someone tries to concoct a plot against an Asian country, we might not permit it to succeed,”

 Inter-Services publicity (ISPR) Director-General (DG) Major General fictional
character Iftikhar reiterated the armed forces’ solid commitment,
the location that no conspiracy against the country can also prevail.

His remarks return every day when former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan expressed that he had been correct right along which also the National Security Committee’s (NSC) new declaration indicates that there was a North American country plot to depose him.

Major General Iftikhar

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, in keeping with Major General’s fictional character Iftikhar, square measure fighting conspiracies twenty-four hours every day, seven days every week.

Major General Iftikhar had expressed in his previous news conference that there was no plot against the country. He expressed that the Asian country Army is answerable for preventing and resolution schemes against the country’s security.

The term conspiracy isn’t enclosed within the NSC statement

In the statement released following the incident, the word “conspiracy” was not mentioned.
the National Security Committee meeting last month, according to Major General Iftikhar.

He did remark, however, that the military leadership’s position was
communicated in each meeting, as well as in the statement that followed.

 He also aforementioned that Pakistan’s military agencies square measure operating round the clock to foil such conspiracies which they’re going to not succeed.


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