This Amazing Story About The Kaaba Keys Will Make Your Day!

This Amazing Story About The Kaaba Keys Will Make Your Day!


This Amazing Story About The Kaaba Keys Will Make Your Day!


The narrative of the Keys of Kaaba may appear ordinary, yet it is quite
emotional and will keep your
Imaan illuminated after you hear it.

For nearly a century, the Shaibi family has held the keys to the Kaaba.
The main question will be how the Saudi government came to be without the keys.
So, to address these queries, Allah has already picked the Holy Kaaba’s
key-bearer many years ago.

When Islam conquered Makkah in the eighth year of Hijrah,
our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) attempted to enter the Kaaba,
but the door was closed. The public saw it and indicated to the Prophet (PBUH)
that the keys were hidden on the top of the Kaaba by Uthman Ibn Talha.

After upon, the Prophet (PBUH) told Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) to take the
keys from Uthman Ibn Talha and open the Kaaba gate.

Uthman Ibn Talha refused to hand over the keys when Ali (RA) demanded them.
After he rejected handing up the keys, Ali (RA) took them for him.
The Holy Kaaba’s gate was then opened by Ali (RA).
The Prophet (PBUH) arrived and began to offer salah.
Jibrael (AS) appeared at that time with the revelation of the Holy Quran.

When the Prophet (PBUH) read these verses from the Holy Quran,
he told Ali (RA) to return the keys to Uthman Ibn Talha and apologize for his actions.
When Ali (RA) returned the keys after the Prophet’s (PBUH) order,
Uthman Ibn Talha was taken aback. He can’t believe the Prophet (PBUH),
who has conquered Makkah, is handing over the keys to him.
Allah (SWT) desired Uthman Ibn Talha to have the keys to
the Kaaba, Ali (RA) explained afterward.


Uthman Ibn Talha converted to Islam almost immediately. Jibril (AS) returned with a word from Allah, stating that the keys to the Kaaba would be kept in the household of Uthman Ibn Talha until the Day of Judgment.
Uthman Ibn Talha (RA) went on to become one of Muhammad’s (PBUH) closest companions and a renowned Muslim.
As a Muslim, this is an incredible story to learn about. The keys are still in the hands of Uthman Ibn Talha’s (RA) family, who are safeguarded by the Saudi government.


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