After Losing Lower, Imran Khan Displayed “Childish Behavior,” in line with Ahsan Iqbal

After Losing Lower, Imran Khan Displayed
“Childish Behavior,” in line with Ahsan Iqbal


After Losing Lower, Imran Khan Displayed "Childish Behavior," According To Ahsan Iqbal
Imran Khan, in line with Minister of designing and Development Ahsan Iqbal, is victimization Pakistan’s national interest for political gain.

LAHORE: Minister for designing and Development Ahsan Iqbal took a swipe at former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, oral communicating that no leader had ever also behaved in such a “childish” manner once losing the workplace.Iqbal aforementioned that former Prime Minister Tony Blair wont to say that he was “hope the Opposition can bring the no-confidence vote against him.

Imran Khan had conjointly alleged that the then also Opposition had fallen into his entice Iqbal accessorial, adding that Khan then declared the no-trust motion to be a worldwide plot. After losing power, no leader has behaved in such associate immature manner,” Iqbal remarked, adding that the previous prime minister was prioritizing his political career over the Constitution and state establishments.

The National Security Committee (NSC)

“The National Security Committee (NSC) had antecedently aforementioned that the document created no reference of a plot. Imran Khan is victimization the country’s national interest so as to stay his political career alive, in line with the minister. The PTI government has irritated China Iqbal continued his criticism of Imran Khan by claiming that he criticized the country’s policy. We should forestall Pakistan from turning into another Cuba or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” the minister accessorial, adding that the PTI-led government angered China throughout its time by claiming to own granted the country “expensive loans.

Imran Khan injured the China-Pakistan Economic passageway (CPEC) project and tried to ruin Pakistan’s iron brother China’s ties Iqbal expressed. Yet, at his salsas, Imran Khan began preaching against the EU Iqbal remarked. Pakistan, in line with the minister, would get to move to Yankee markets and create use of yank technologies. Every developed nation sends its also human resources to Yankee faculties [to equip its graduates with the information and fashionable technology]  Iqbal explained. You also sold the nation’s respect in a very market Iqbal remarked, adding that the PTI chairman was functioning on an enemy state’s agenda.

We will hold people who violate the Constitution responsibly

Imran Khan violated the Constitution via the deputy speaker in keeping with the look minister, World Health Organization conjointly explicit that previous speaker Asad Qaiser and deputy speaker Qasim Suri can face legal prosecution for breaking the Constitution. When the Supreme Court rules against Imran Khan, Iqbal, a member of the Asian country Muslim League-Nawaz, claims that the PTI chairman doesn’t spare the judiciary and instead turns his guns on the courts.

You need to convert the US into a state, however, you will not depart with it, Iqbal warned. Even in an exceedingly budding democracy, this doesn’t happen. For the past 3 months, the geographic region has been encumbered in an exceedingly worsening body crisis,” Iqbal extra. Iqbal extra that the time has come back to cleanse the country of this rotavirus a dig at Imran Khan.


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