After Hajj 261000 Pilgrims Arrive In Madinah

 After Hajj 261000 Pilgrims Arrive In Madinah

 After Hajj 261000 Pilgrims Arrive In Madinah

Over 261,000 pilgrims from various nations arrived in Madinah on Thursday
after performing Hajj in Makkah, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah figures, there were

At the Madinah immigration center, there are around 250,000 bus-bound pilgrims.

There were almost 11,055 pilgrims that walked to the Land Pilgrim Reception Center.

While around 4,166 people boarded the Haramain high-speed train.

More than 81,102 pilgrims stayed, according to ministry estimates.

Madinah, Saudi Arabia Thousands of pilgrims returned to their own countries.

In addition, 399 ministry personnel were sent to the field to assist.

evaluate the growth of pilgrim service providers

A large number of pilgrims went to the International Exhibition and Museum of the

During their time in Madinah, they learned about the Prophet’s biography and Islamic civilization.

This museum is located next to the Prophet’s Mosque’s southern plaza.

The museum is open around the clock and has exhibits and interactive screens.

that provides information about the Prophet Muhammad in a variety of languages

Rare and old treasures from the Two Holy Mosques are on display in one hall.

The Kingdom allowed up to one million Hajj pilgrims this year.

Authorities relaxed restrictions following COVID-19 for the first time in two years.

authorized international pilgrims to enter Previously, the annual pilgrimage was

Only Saudi Arabian citizens are permitted.

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