Abdullah bin Rahwah’s Tomb (r.a)

Abdullah bin Rahwah’s Tomb (r.a)

Abdullah bin Rahwah's Tomb (r.a)


The third amir designated by the Prophet to head the Muslim army in

the battle of Muta is buried here. Abdullah-bin-Rawahah (also known as

Abu Amro’ Al-Ansari Al-Khazraji Al-Badri) was initially a Christian scribe from Madinah.

He was one of Ansar’s most active members in supporting and strengthening

Islam’s beliefs and structure. He was left behind by the Prophet in control

of Madinah during the Battle of Badr. Abdullah-bin-Rawahah (r.a) was eating

a piece of beef in the corner of the battlefield when Jafar (r.a) was killed at Muta.

He hadn’t eaten in three days. 

He tossed that chunk of meat away after learning of Jafar’s

death muttering to himself “Abdullah.” Jafar has arrived in Paradise

while you’re busy eating.” He then took up the banner and entered the fray.

His finger had been badly wounded and was hanging loose.

He raced forward, striking with his sword till he was martyred putting

the hanging finger beneath his foot and ripping it from his hand.


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