7 Bad Habits That Get You Killed In The Grave

7 Bad Habits That Get You Killed In The Grave

7 Bad Habits That Get You Killed In The Grave

Death is unavoidable for all living breathing beings, but how does it happen?

The pleasures gained or the punishment of the grave? Everything hinges on one’s actions

throughout one’s life. Grave punishment, also known as Adhaab of Qabr in Islam,

is a punishment meted out by Allah SWT to those who have died as a result of doing

prohibited things during their lifetime. Allah SWT will not punish His servant who

follows all orders and avoids all prohibitions with the punishment of the grave.

Those who sin and refuse to obey Allah’s commands, on the other hand, will face the

punishment of the grave. The reason for the grave punishment is frequently forgotten

and even undervalued,  so the reason is usually carried out.

As Muslims, we must therefore understand the reasons for the grave’s punishment.

The following are the reasons for the grave’s punishment and the punishment that will

be meted out to those who disobey it: Contents Table of Contents

1. Lying

Many people lie in their daily lives, and while lying can be beneficial at times, it is still a sin.

People who lie will be tortured in the grave for the rest of their lives;

their mouths, noses, and eyes will be ripped out with sharp

hooks at the back of their heads regularly.

2. Neglecting Salah

They’d be spread out on the ground, with a man on top holding a large rock.

The man will hurl the rock at those who fail to perform salah regularly until

their heads are crushed. The man would then pick up the rock and hurl it at their

restored heads, causing them to crumble once more.

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3. Zina

Zina is an Arabic term for fornication and adultery, in which a man engages in sexual activity

with a woman with whom he is not legally married. This is true regardless of whether or not the

parties involved are married. In English, on the other hand, fornication is used when one of the

parties is a single person, whereas adultery is used when one of the parties is a married person.

In other words, if a couple engages in Zina, one of them will be charged with fornication,

while the other will be charged with adultery.

Adultery, or Zina, is a sin that Allah despises. Some people continue to commit adultery,

such as having an affair. Zina can torture the dead indefinitely.

Men and women who commit Zina (adultery) will be thrown naked into a baking

the pit-shaped hole that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.

A raging fire burns beneath the pit, and every time it flares up,

they scream and jump up, almost falling out. They returned once the storm had

passed (to the bottom).

4. Riba (Interest)

Riba is the taking of essential assets for the sake of vanity.

This act is one of the causes of the grave’s punishment for sin. Riba is frequently performed

in terms of debts. A person who practices usury during his lifetime will find himself

swimming in rivers of blood, with a man standing on the river’s bank throwing stones

at him whenever he tries to get out. A rock would be thrown into the man’s mouth,

causing him to fall back into the river. Every time he tried to get out of the river of blood,

it happened again.

5. Self-Confidence

Arrogance is one of Allah Azza Wa Jalla’s most despised characteristics because it is the

behavior of the devil. Humans acting arrogantly are no different than the devil,

whom God curses for being arrogant. Those who walk by dragging their lower garments

out of pride will be swallowed by the earth, and their bodies will slowly sink into the

earth until the Day of Resurrection.

6. Urinating

The failure to keep oneself from peeing is a major sign that leads to grave punishment.

Although the punishment for those who do not clean themselves of urine is not specified,

it is stated in the hadith that “most of the torments of the grave are caused by

urine” (H.R. Ahmad) As a result, we must keep ourselves free of urine and clean

ourselves properly at all times, especially before praying; ensure that our clothes

are clean and not soiled with urine.

7. Hypocrite/Kafir

A person who is a kafir or a hypocrite is one of the most despicable acts that will

result in grave punishment.

Various grave torments will await them including furniture from Hell being prepared for them

a Hell door being opened for them their graves being narrowed and them being struck with a large hammer with tremendous power, which will turn a mountain to dust when struck. They will be told of the torment that awaits them in the Afterlife even in the grave, and they will hope that that time will never come.


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