606 COVID-19 cases and 2 deaths in Saudi Arabia

606 COVID-19 cases and 2 deaths in Saudi Arabia

606 COVID-19 cases and 2 deaths in Saudi Arabia

According to the Ministry of Health, 606 new cases of

COVID-19 were reported in JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday.

So, by the end of the pandemic, there were a total of 803,764 cases

in the Kingdom.

The government also confirmed two more deaths related to

COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 9,232.

There were 184 new infections in Riyadh, 100 in Jeddah, 73 in

Dammam, 40 in Makkah, and 35 in Madinah.

There were fewer than 20 new cases in several other cities.

The ministry also said that 367 COVID-19 patients had gotten better,

bringing the total number of people who got better in the Kingdom during the pandemic to 787,966.

It said that there were still 6,566 COVID-19 cases going on and

that 18,098 PCR tests had been done in the last 24 hours,

bringing the total to almost 44 million.

The ministry said that of the cases they were currently

dealing with, 150 were in very bad shape.

Since the Kingdom’s immunisation campaign began,

nearly 68 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given,

and more than 25 million people have been fully vaccinated.

The ministry, which has 587 vaccine centres all over the country,

told people who hadn’t had a shot yet to sign up for a series of

shots through the Sehhaty app if they hadn’t already.

Since the pandemic started, testing hubs and treatment centres

have been set up all over the country, which has helped millions of people.

Taakad centres test people for COVID-19 if they don’t have any

symptoms or only have mild ones, or if they think they’ve been

in contact with an infected person. Tetamman clinics treat and

give advice to people with symptoms like fever, loss of taste and

smell, and trouble breathing.606 COVID-19 cases 

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